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On behalf of my co-founder and President David Prael, myself and all the aerospace
professionals that make up our company, I would like to thank you for your interest in us.

DAEMAR is a full service satellite consulting company of highly experienced professionals with a
wealth of experience in many diverse engineering and management disciplines related to
spacecraft, launch vehicles and related equipment.  Our professionals can help you with RFP,
proposal, specification, and contract generation as well as the associated negotiations leading
to spacecraft system or subsystem contracts.  From there our professionals can manage your
spacecraft program from its start through to launch and in-orbit acceptance, including on-site
residents to work closely with contractor or subcontractor teams on the day-to-day activities and
problem resolution.  DAEMAR professionals can also be used for short term assignments
supporting your program as experienced design reviewers, problem solvers, test data reviewers,
or many other functions as needed.  We can fulfill all your satellite engineering and management
needs and your most challenging problems with a team of proven professionals.

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